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What started out as a small consulting and development firm that did not manufacture cars of its own is now, over eighty years later, one of the giants of the vehicular industry. Synonymous with class, taste, and status, Porsche has managed to establish itself as a maker of some of the finest cars in the world. The company’s long history even expands beyond luxury vehicles, having designed everyday cars, farming tractors, racing cars, and even military tanks.

The firm’s first major assignment was on the part of the German government, which tasked the Porsche firm with developing a car for the people. This resulted in the now famed Volkswagen Beetle, which soon proved to be one of the most successful car designs of all time. The Porsche line itself was born when, in 1939, the Porsche 64 was first developed. This would become the first automobile that came from the now-famous Porsche company, but it would not follow the common path for car models today.

Only three models of the Porsche 64 were ever built, and each saw a radically different fate. One was destroyed early during World War II, while another one was found by American troops and hence used for joyriding until the vehicle gave out. The third one, however, was kept by the Porsche family and restored in 1947. Following this, the car saw a long, almost forty-year-old racing history, becoming an unconventional yet endlessly interesting start for the famed brand.

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In subsequent decades, Porsche designed some of the most influential and sought-after luxury vehicles of the European market. To this day, a Porsche model is still a signifier of wealth and taste given their self-made pedestal on the automobile landscape. If you are looking to sell a classic Porsche, you don’t need to look any further. At Sell a Classic Car, we are classic Porsche buyers in California as well as all over the nation of all sorts of classic Porsche models. Call us at (310) 399-3990 or email info@westcoastclassics.com