Porsche Carrera RS 1972-1973 2.7 Litre

sell a classic Porsche 911 Carrera RS

The Porsche Carrera RS (RennSport) is one of the most desirable and iconic 911s ever built. This special, limited-edition model was built for the race track. In fact, it is the fasted production of the 911. The car was built because of Porsche’s desire to qualify for the GT racing competition and qualify they did.

Everything about the car was built for speed and built to win. The combination of a lighter weight, pared-down car, coupled with a much more powerful engine (compared to the regular 911) resulted in a car that was very fast and responsive. The ducktail feature at the rear was aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. It’s a signature feature on the RS and distinguishes it from other 911s.

The Carrera RS could be ordered in 4 configurations-

RSH (the most basic model),

RS Sport (M471 option),

RS Touring (more luxurious version), and the

RSR (the racing version of the M491 option).

The RS 2.7 sported mechanical fuel injection and only 500 cars were slated to be built. In fact, 1,580 models were built. Such few numbers along with the array of special features ensured that this rare and desirable car would become one of the most sought after and expensive 911 models.

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