Classic Car Consignment

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Classic Car Consignment

Classic Car Consignment

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    We believe our consignment program stands out significantly and exclusively from the other available options to sell a classic car. Here’s how:

    With our consignment program we are able to offer our clients a new and different approach to selling their cars with all the same advantages of the major auction companies but without any of the pitfalls and disadvantages connected to those outlets but with numerous advantages over this old fashioned approach to selling a classic car. These include, but are not limited to, primarily the saving of the initial and expensive consignment fee of consigning the car to any classic car auction, regardless of the guarantee of any sale, (unless obviously to a “no reserve” auction which would then incur the added and substantial risks of not only the risk of gambling that your car sells for what its worth, but even that it will sell for anywhere close to what you want or deserve!). Then if the car does sell at one of these classic car auctions the seller will be further charged at least an additional 10% selling fee of the sales price, regardless of what it brings. There is also the situation where even if a car does sell on the block , it still can quite often be ‘kicked back’ after the auction ends for any reason the auction house feels to be correct leaving you with a much more used and abused version of your precious car!

    With Sell a Classic Car’s program we not only will most likely be able to sell the car for way more than one could expect to achieve at any hit or miss auction but with also, and more importantly maybe, none of the hassles and expense of the auction circuit. Remember then that not only does the seller have to generally travel to the auction, in order to represent their car on the block as most auctions houses will require, but that this travel incurs its own related costs involved with this. Remember also that the owner will be required to ship the car both to the auction and back again if it does not sell. Finally, and probably most importantly, one has to take note also take into consideration the distinct possibility that the car could be mishandled or damaged by the auction crowds looking at the car whist at the auction, opening and closing doors, trunks and the hood, if they know how?! This is a real issue and unless the owner wishes to ‘baby sit’ their car for endless hours at the auction then there is really no way of avoiding the possibilities of these issues from happening. And remember that these classic cars, if they are original, are only original once and original paint can never be returned to the car, and regardless, any damage or theft can never truly be compensated for. Then of course bear in mind the fact that they will be driven by who knows who whilst in the line up and around the auction premises and during shipping.

    Therefore why wouldn’t the sophisticated seller not want to take opportunity of our unique consignment program where for no fee or expense whatsoever the seller can consign their precious classic or exotic car, truck or motorcycle to us and lets us take care of all the necessary steps to sell their car in the most professional and hassle free manner? Our program is fresh and modern and takes a new approach utilizing the tools of today with our website and the internet using our distinct immediate feeds to numerous websites, publications and clients worldwide which enable us to get the car in front of the right eyes immediately. We feed to a huge network of classic car buyers, collectors and enthusiasts who prefer to purchase from a known and well established world renown classic car dealer with two southern California locations and a stellar feedback and reputation. This cannot be achieved by any individual or alternative entity who does not have this this rock solid reputation and proven ability with it’s inherent trust and guarantee to represent the product correctly and to be able to deliver the car with the correct paperwork anytime, anywhere in the world. In return for this service we only ask for a fair net price for your car. That is a price that you are happy to sell for and that would satisfy your understanding of it’s value. We prefer not to charge the typical 10-15% fee asking ridiculously high prices to hopefully pay our commission and we will cut straight to the chase and give you what you want net of any fees, commissions or charges whatsoever. Upon the agreement of this net price to be paid to the owner, then our consignment program will begin with having the car professionally picked up n\by a license auto carrier and brought to our Torrance showroom where it will be evaluated for sale. It will then be professionally photographed and detailed. Next our unique and exclusive and proven marketing department will begin the marketing process internationally with feeds from our website going to numerous entities and publications and individuals worldwide. Once a sale is achieved and the funds have been received we pay the owner his agreed net price with absolutely no charges of fees whatsoever, unless of course otherwise agreed.

    It is also important and of great significance to the consignor that he or she also will be assuming no liability of the sale of their vehicle once consigned to us. We will assume all liabilities for the sale of the vehicle as part of our consignment program and as with all used cars, and particularly with the idiosyncrasies and obvious inherent uncertainties when selling any old or classic car. This is one of the most important aspects for consigning a car to an established and able dealership who will take on the responsibility of any dissatisfied buyer.
    In essence we have to ask why the intelligent owner would chose any other program or route for selling their rare or classic car than with our unique program. Remember: no auction horror stories, no charges, no fees, no liabilities, no risk or costs to the consignor whatsoever; just an agreed check for a net amount upon sale. We even pay the costs to pick up your car for enclosed delivery to our location.

    We feel there is no better way to sell a classic car and for the individual who values their time and car as much as we will there is at last a program that offers this classic car owner both dignity and piece of mind whist achieving their desired price for their classic car using our sophisticated and refreshingly simple modern approach to a consignment program.