Classic Cars Sellers and enthusiasts Frequently Asked Questions:

We are glad you decided to sell your beloved vehicle to us. It is our pride and joy to give the best deals in cash for antique cars. For those in this business, it is important to manage our client’s expectations properly at the moment of selling their rides. We know how much time, money and dedication you invested in it. Still, we have to keep in mind that old cars may require a certain level of maintenance and update. So we have to level these two traits in order to leave everybody satisfied. That’s why we recommend to read these FAQs carefully:

Why should I sell my car with you?

  • Because we’re the most convenient and fast way to sell your beloved vehicle for a very good price, in cash. We have an amazing collection of classic vehicles at an amazing price. Our team takes care of most of the hassle: delivery, negotiation, paperwork. And if a problem happens during the purchase, we have the experience and the knowledge to solve it the problem. Our reputation as a classic car dealer is excellent, and people trust us. This, and the vast network we have, makes selling your old car easier and faster than you would if you did it on your own. All this makes it possible to offer the highest prices for your classic or rare old or vintage car, truck or motorcycle.

How do you promote my vehicle when you sell it online?

  • Sell a Classic Car wants, more than anything, to run an honest business. We have no problem to give any necessary information about our cars and always make an effort to feature as many photos as possible; clear photos, in daylight, with no retouches or editing. Each photo shows several angles of the car from both inside and outside. We also take pictures of the engine, the trunk and the undercarriage. That way, buyers have an idea as clear as possible of the vehicle they’re buying.
  • In addition to this, we encourage all our potential clients to have any vehicle independently inspected prior to purchase by a local qualified mechanic or inspection service. That way, we can guarantee you that we will be selling the car to a happy and informed buyer.
  • We’re glad to know that we fulfilled the expectations of all the clients who’ve have bought a car from us, as well as the sellers. Buyers were able to see all the necessary pictures and knew exactly what they were getting at the moment of doing the purchase. We’re not only a car dealer but also enthusiasts of these classic rides, so we can put ourselves in people’s place and know what they would you expect from us.

How will you sell my classic cars?

  • Many years ago, we used to sell our classic rides to other countries through newspaper classifieds and specialized magazines. With the advent of the digital world, we could modernize our methodology and sell our rides through a modern, fast website that can be navigated through either computers or mobile devices. This enabled us to advertise and sell all over the world to a large network of happy clients.

Do you do car restoration?

  • We prefer to buy cars that are in the best restoration state possible. They need to be as free as possible from rust and bumps. That way, we can provide the best price for your old car. Generally, we buy our cars directly from their owners with documentation. Most of them are from southern California, a place known as one of the best sources of great quality classic cars in the world.

Do you take cars with rust?

  • Part of our good reputation is that we don’t sell cars with rust. Most of the vehicles we feature are above average quality and have no rust. We may take classic cars that have had some rust repair in the past. But if any car has signs of rust, it’s disclosed.

Do you take restored cars or cars with leaks?

  • Many of the cars we sell have gone through restoration, as they’re antique and passed through many hands before. From barn finds to concours winners, we take them all.
  • Regarding leakage, we know that classic cars eventually have this problem. If we take them, we seal gaskets and fix the leaks that might be present in seals, brakes, radiators or fuel tank in order to make the vehicle sell-able. People buying classic cars know that they will eventually leak, but we try to solve that issue as much as possible. However, if there are any obviously noticeable or significant leaks that we can’t fix, we won’t sell the car.

What are the costs to ship my car internationally?

  • Here is an estimate for International Shipping Rates for Sell a Classic Car from the port of Los Angeles:
Antwerp, BELGIUM: $1,150
Aarhus, DENMARK: $1,450
Copenhagen, DENMARK: $1,450
Bremerhaven, GERMANY: $1,150
Geneva, SWITZERLAND: $2,475
Gothenburg, SWEDEN: $1,450
Kotka, FINLAND: $1,675
Le Havre, FRANCE: $1,250
Oslo, NORWAY: $1,450
Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS: $1,150
Thamesport, UK: $1,150
Vienna, AUSTRIA: $2,475
Zurich, SWITZERLAND: $2,475
Brisbane: $1,525
Melbourne: $1,425
Sydney: $1,425
Freemantle: $1,595
New Zealand:
Auckland: $1,425
Tauranga: $1,425
Wellington: $2,025
Gulf Countries:
Dubai: $1,150
Jeddah: $1,750


What are the costs to ship my car domestically?

  • If you vehicle is located within the United states, please call us at (424) 383-8333. We will provide you with the most recommendable licensed domestic auto shipper.