Porsche 912


In the fifties, Porsche was manufacturing one very successful line, the Porsche 356. In the early sixties, it was joined by the new Porsche 911. While the latter was priced like the luxury vehicle it clearly was, the former was aimed slightly lower, in order to give the company a sustainable price range. As Porsche planned to discontinue their 356 models in the early sixties, they realized this would leave the Porsche 911 as their sole product. Given its considerable price, particularly since it was about to increase for the new model year, executives decided that this would not be viable for the brand and decided to introduce a new model. This resulted in the brand new Porsche 912, first introduced to the market in 1965.


The new model would consist of a four-cylinder vehicle with a brand new engine. This, combined with a 911 chassis and bodyshell, gave way to the Porsche 912. When compared to its predecessor, it demonstrated superior weight distribution, handling, and range, in part due to the reduced special features (removed as a means to lower the cost). Given the power of the performance and the freshness of the design, in part achieved thanks to budgeting and necessity, the car proved to be quite popular upon release. The Porche 912 attracted new and old Porsche owners, outselling the 911’s first few years of production.

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