1967 Porsche 912

Color Options: Slate grey, Polo red, Golf blue, Light ivory, Bahama yellow, Irish green, Sand beige, Aga blue, Black

Engine Type: 1.6 L Type 616/36 B4, 1.6 L Type 616/39 B4

Transmission: 4-speed automatic (standard), 5-speed automatic (additional cost)


Still going strong after two years of production, the 1967 Porsche 912 debuted with little changes made to the line’s signature design until then. The model was enjoying a unique place in the market, for it provided a more affordable Porsche vehicle to brand enthusiasts while still bringing in luxury vehicle numbers in terms of revenue. The most memorable change implemented for the 1967 Porsche 912 was the change from a titular cursive script on the deck lid and glove box to individual P-O-R-S-C-H-E letters underneath the vent on the deck lid.


Beyond that, minor changes were introduced, such as the addition of a rubber strip to the chrome bumper guards in order to increase buffering during parking. A five-gauge dashboard became the new standard, adding two new gauges for a clock and ambient temperature. The sun visors, which went from white in 1965 to black and white in 1966 completed their transition into being completely black by this year. The 1967 Porsche 912 also featured a unique option: the new Porsche Fuchs wheel featuring the now-iconic flower-like design.

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