1965 Porsche 912

Color Options: Slate grey, Ruby red, Dolphin grey, Light ivory, Bali blue, Irish green, Signal red

Engine Type: 1.6 L Type 616/36 B4, 1.6 L Type 616/39 B4

Transmission: 4-speed automatic (standard), 5-speed automatic (additional cost)


As the company planned to discontinue the Porsche 356 line, they were faced with the potential issue of solely relying on their higher-priced model, the Porsche 911. There was both an acknowledgment that this car alone would not suffice to keep them afloat and a demand for a somewhat more affordable model in the market. This need to simultaneously fill a niche in the market while also maintaining the Porsche brand resulted in the 1965 Porsche 912.


The new Porsche 912 model featured a lot of the technological innovations debuted by the 911 the previous year, such as independent front suspension, self-supported bodywork, and a safety stirring mechanism in which three-column links were designed to collapse in case of a front end collision. Additionally, it featured the same chassis as the 911. However, as opposed to the 911’s two-liter engine, the 912 ran on a 1.6-liter engine with four cylinders.


When compared to the 911, the 1965 Porsche 912 demonstrated superior weight distribution, handling, and range, in part due to the reduced special features (removed as a means to lower the cost). Given the power of the performance and the freshness of the design, the car proved to be quite popular upon release, attracting new and old Porsche owners and outselling the 911.

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