Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is the quintessential Porsche. When we think of a classic car, this is often what comes to mind. In the 1999 international poll to figure out what was the “Car of the Century,” the 911 made the top five. For a clearer example of the Porsche 911’s appeal, Automobile Magazine voted it into 2nd place in a list of “100 Coolest Cars.”

Made since 1963, there are many different kinds of Porsche 911. The original 911 had a rear-mounted 130 hp Type 901/01 flat-6 engine. The “flat-6” comes from the pistons inside the engine, as they are horizontally-opposed and “lay flat.”  Considered a “rear engined automobile,’ the engine is actually behind the rear axle.

The initial 911 cars were made to replace the company’s Porsche 356 with a larger, more powerful and comfortable vehicle. The 911 Porsches did that in style. These “air-cooled” engines showed up in different forms in various Porsche cars for many years.

The above references the original Porsche 911 models, but it’s important to note that they’re still making new Porsche 911s today. This is one of those cars that will endure. When you see the name “Porsche 911,” it means something.