Porsche 911 2.7 Litre (1974-1977)

The fuel crisis of 1973 affected Porsche’s sales as gas was no longer cheap and the buying public looked to more fuel-efficient vehicles. Sales were steadily on the decline. Added to this, new fuel emission laws in the United States and in California, in particular, meant that from this point on, any Porsches built would have to adhere to those stricter standards.

In response to these events, model year 1974 saw some significant changes to the 911. The more environmentally friendly Bosch K jetronic injection was now used on all models. This was also the first year that energy absorbing bumpers were introduced, the rationale being that the occupants of the 911 would be safer in a crash. For many years the  old line up of the 911T, 911S and 911 E was standard but in 1974 this gave way  to new models- the 911, 911S and the 911 Carrera.

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