1974 Porsche 911

Colors Include: Mexico Blue, Sahara Beige, Lime Green

Special Order Colors Include: Magenta, Aubergine, Irish Green


Known as the G programme, the 1974 Porsche 911 underwent some changes. The most noticeable feature was the addition of the energy absorbing bumpers. This feature altered the look of the 911 but the effect was not drastic. Like all 911’s,1974 was very customizable and  the customer had  a choice of many fabrics, colors and finishes for the interior. A bigger engine, coupled with the newer Bosch K- jetronic injection meant that the new 1974 911 was the most environmentally friendly yet.

For model year 1974, Porsche commissioned a special line of 911’s to celebrate its 25th year anniversary.  All of the anniversary cars were painted in ‘Diamond Silver Metallic’ and the interior outfitted in a limited-edition Silver and Tweed. A numbered plaque was also placed on the passenger-side dashboard. In all, 1063 special edition anniversary cars were built.

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