Porsche 911E

Porsche had the 911T and the 911S and realized there was a need for a middle range model that had attributes of both models. Hence, the 911E was created. Originally featured with mechanical fuel injection, the 911E was a trendsetter in many ways.

Released in 1970, Porsche continued making these vehicles for many years. In fact, the Porsche 911L was renamed the 911E as Porsche continued to push forward in making a new generation of engines. The 911E had a then-new 2.2 litre engine. Even though this was considered a “middle range model,” this is still a Porsche. It had engines with outputs between 140 HP and 165 HP.

With a top speed of 137 miles an hour (in the original model) these Porsches can absolutely fly. Continuing the rear-engined, rear-wheel drive with a flat-6 engine from previous Porsche models, the 911E had an identity all of its own. Today, these Porsches are some of the most sought after of the classic models, their place in car history secure and resonant.