Porsche 911S

SELLING A 1967 – 1977 PORSCHE 911S?


While any Porsche 911 model can be called “super,” the Porsche 911S had an “S,” and is sometimes referred to as “Super.” One thing that made it super indeed: the horsepower. Released in 1967, it came with a whopping 160 horsepower, more than the 130 of the previous 911 models.

Considered to be sportier than other street cars at the time, its place in history is secure as the first Porsche model with the Fuchs alloy wheels. They still look trend-setting even today.

Porsche continued to manufacture the 911S for some time. As with other models, Porsche sought to improve them. For example, with the 911S, to stabilize the vehicle at high speeds, small spoilers were placed under the front bumper. Ventilated front disc brakes were added as well, to make the vehicle that much safer without sacrificing any style.


Today, it’s easy to look back at the Porsche 911S as the beginning of the 911 as a performance vehicle. Whether on the track or on the street, this is a Porsche model that has stood the test of time. It’s with this model that perhaps the image we have of Porsche became ingrained in our cultural consciousness: sleek, sophisticated, and above all: fast.