Porsche 911T

The “T” in the 911T stands for “Touring.” Originally manufactured in 1968, this was considered the “entry level” model during its release. It had the four-cylinder equipment originally seen the in the 912 model. With an original horsepower of 110 hp and then 130 hp in subsequent models, this Porsche may not have been the fastest, but it was definitely one of the most stylish. Instead of the traditional Porsche gold logo, it features q unique silver Porsche logo.

The 911T Porsche models are some of the rarest, as Porsche stopped manufacturing them in 1973. They differed from 911S and 911E in that they had a different transmission. You may have seen 911T models that look very different from each other, and there’s a reason for that: you get a 911T Coupe or “Targa” in every year of the 911T’s production. The Targa was developed to meet the safety requirements for open-top vehicles in America.

The 911T was where Porsche tried out some of their more unique ideas. Today, these vehicles are remembered as an important part of Porsche’s (and ultimately, vehicular) history.