Porsche 911 2 Litre (1963-1969)

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                   PORSCHE 911 2 LITRE- THE LEGEND BEGINS

                                                         The Porsche 911 2-litre debuts in Frankfurt, Germany in 1963 to great acclaim. Porsche is thrilled.  As a fairly new family-owned business, the positive reception of the 911  is a big boost and significant in another way. Previous models share parts with Volkwasgen but the 911 is all new.  The unibody chassis, steeply angled roof and shorter wheelbase result in a stylish sporty car.   The new 911  2+2 coupe is a great success but is not perfect. This is due to the tendency of the car to oversteer and its instability at high speeds. Porsche handles the criticism well, and by 1969, there are marked improvements in the steering and handling of the car.  The 911 is initially available as a coupe. Two years later, the 911 is available for purchase in one of three configurations- the base 911, the 911 T or the top of the line 911S.

                       SELLING YOUR PORSCHE 2.2 LITRE

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