Sell Your 1965 Porsche 911

Sell a Classic Porsche 911 1965

Production Numbers: 235

Colors Available: Light ivory, Champagne yellow, Irish green

When the 356 model production came to an end in 1965, there was still a market hungry for a 4-cylinder car, particularly in the United States. The Porsche 912, a slightly downscaled 911 fitted with the 356’s 90 hp engine, was introduced the same year as its successor. In 1965, Porsche launched its cars for sale in the United States, and it was just as well-received by the American public as it had been by the European one. Because of its popularity, the following year 235 cars were available for sale.

The basketweave inserts seen in the 1964 model were once again used on the 1965 model. They were available in five colors including brown, beige, and houndstooth. A leather option was also available at an additional cost. The 194-1965 911 models could also be delivered in special orders including dolphin grey, Togo brown, Bali blue, and black.

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