Sell Your 1964 Porsche 911

Sell a Classic Porsche 911 1964

Model: Porsche 911

Production Numbers: 13

Engine Type: Flat six-cylinder

Transmission: 901 (5-speed gearbox)

 The 1964 Porsche 911 signals a big risk for the fledging family-owned auto business. Porsche decides to fully embrace the rear engine layout for their new car, the 901, at a time when more established auto makers  see this practice as passe.This is a risky move for Porsche as the automaker is swimming against the tide. If Porsche is wrong and the public perceives the 901 to be old fashioned, the new model could signal the end of the company. It is a move that Porsche has to make and so the 901  is developed as a much more powerful, larger, and more comfortable replacement for the Porsche 356.

Another big risk is the decision to break completely from Volkswagen.  The previous Porsche model, the 356, used  Volkswagen parts but this car is completely new. After years of development and refinement , the 901 is ready for its public debut and it becomes an instant success but there is a complication. Peugeot complains that the 901 is too close in name to one of its own cars and so the 901’s new name is 911. This model is so successful that it still exists today.

The  early 911’s are especially desired because of the rear cooled engine.  The Porsche 911 1964  model is a very rare and highly collectible car with only thirteen in existence. Some color options include  Slate grey, Ruby red, and Enamel blue. Vinyl leatherette with an array of different color choices is available for the interior. Leather was also an available option while seat inlays could be ordered in basketweave or houndstooth check.

Sell Your 1964 Porsche 911

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