sell your classic triumph

sell your classic Triumph

Sell Your Classic Triumph Online

The Triumph TR car series was born from the necessity to innovate and grow. As the Standard Motor Company’s signature Triumph Roadster became outdated and underwhelming, there was a need for a new approach to sports cars. After a few prototypes, the company eventually released the Triumph TR2: an ideal model that managed to be an affordable alternative within luxury roadsters.

The TR line ran for twenty-eight years, from 1953 to 1981, spanning several different models. Although slightly different from one to the other, the lineup maintained high quality and aesthetic standards throughout. Each new car sported a design worthy of the brand’s reputation that served as exterior to powerful motors. Whether it was on the streets or the racing world, a Triumph TR car delivered.

They were used in movies and by celebrities. They remain relevant in the racing world today. These gorgeous British convertibles left a tangible legacy behind them, and their reliable engines have allowed us to enjoy them to his day.

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