Triumph TR2

There is no better way to showcase the gorgeous aesthetic of 1950’s sports cars than the Triumph TR roadsters series. The British series, a result of a desire to focus the Triumph brand on sporting cars, jump started with the classic TR model. The slick beauty and elegant design of the Triumph TR2 cannot be overstated.

Only 8636 low-hanging, wonderfully conceived TR2 cars were made between 1953 and 1955. Out of these, less than four-hundred still exist in the United Kingdom, their native country. Meanwhile, less than two-thousand are known to survive in the United States. This means that fortunately for us, a fourth of the total amount of these formidable vehicles can still be admired today.

After their previous release became terribly outdated, the TR2 was born out of Triumph’s need to produce an affordable sports car. After a prototype of sorts that was, at the time labeled “a death trap,” Triumph embarked on the task to improve and reinvigorate the design.

The result the Triumph TR2 was a success with American buyers, who loved it to the point where it became the brand’s best earner. This first model set off a beautiful line of classic sports cars that have successfully endured the passage of time.