Triumph TR8

The Triumph TR8 was conceived as a more powerful version of its predecessor, the TR7. This model started production in 1974 and kept going strong until 1981. However, Triumph released de TR8 in 1979 as a stronger alternative. It was virtually the same car with an eight cylinder engine (as opposed to the TR7’s six cylinder one).

The TR7 model stood out from its lineup with its characteristic wedge shape, and the stylish swage line that ran through its sides. The TR8 retained the car’s iconic look, while upgrading the engine and overall performance. Because of this, it was often called the “English Corvette” in marketing campaigns.

Only a few thousand TR8 units were made, mostly due to its lackluster sales numbers. Several factors came into play here, with economic conditions far from optimal for good market performance. But the TR8 still managed to build a reputation of its own in different ways.

To this day, the engine proves to be extremely flexible, reliable, and powerful. This came into play in the racing world, where the model accumulated victories across the United States. In general, the Triumph TR8 was an outstanding car that came out at the wrong time.