Triumph TR3

The success of the under-produced Triumph TR2 had to be followed with something worthy of the newly established TR line. An updated model, one with greater power and improved braking, was conceived in 1955, and it would remain in production for the subsequent seven years. The Triumph TR3 proved to be an even greater success than its predecessor, with nearly 75,000 units sold (over eight times the amount of TR2s produced).

The Triumph TR series was born out of the need to update their current roster with stylish, modern, and affordable sports cars, and the TR3 was the second model to grace their new line. Expectations were high for this new entry given the undeniable legacy of the TR2, but the beautifully functional vehicle did not disappoint.

The TR3 was a success in the United Kingdom and the United States alike, enjoying high sales numbers and a series of victories in motorsport competitions.  The reliability and the craftsmanship of the engine made it a favorite in competitions across European racing, scoring several awards throughout its run. The responsiveness of the car was often hailed as one of its stronger features.

The outstanding performance and elegant designed have rendered the Triumph TR3 one of the jewels of the TR sports cars line. The model was an immediate classic that we are lucky to still be able to enjoy nowadays.