Triumph TR3A

Released in 1955, the Triumph TR3 was an immediate success, quickly becoming a true roadster icon, with it elegant design and its formidable engine. In 1957, the Triumph TR3 was given an update that marked the beginning of an unofficial variant to the model. “Unofficial” because it wasn’t recognized as a variant by Triumph, but it commonly became known as the TR3A.

What exactly set apart the TR3A from the TR3? Overall, the updates were minor, but still resulted in distinct visual changes that set it apart from its base model. A wider front grill, lockable boot handles, exterior door handles, and its own tool kit were some of the upgrades given to the TR3 production between 1957 and 1962.

The TR3A sold over 58,000 cars throughout its run, becoming the best-selling model of the series up until then, placing third on the overall TR line. Out of these, it is estimated that around nine thousand survive nowadays.

Even fifty years after their production, the TR3A is still racing today at vintage and production racing events. These beautiful convertible roadsters are a staple of 1950s sports cars, and their classic elegance still remains something to behold.