Triumph TR4

Marking a departure from the look of the series so far, the Triumph TR4 was released in 1961. A successor to the incredibly successful TR3, the TR4 was an attempt to modernize the design while maintaining the classic aesthetic of the series so far. Over forty thousand cars were built during the model’s four year run, making it  another successful addition to the Triumph TR lineup.

The TR4 opted for an angular rear, instead of the lower, slanted end of its predecessor. This didn’t just modernize the design, but also allowed for an unconventionally large trunk capacity for a sports car. The car doors were no longer cutaways, and hence side-curtains were disposed of in favor of roll-up windows. The cover was now a hard top, consisting of a fixed back window and a removable panel.

The TR4 was a success at both the United States and the United Kingdom (where under a thousand units still survive). In the United States, the model had several racing victories in the sixties, scoring quite a few wins across the country. In fact, the TR4 can still be seen racing today at vintage and production racing events.

A bold new attempt at balancing the demands of the market with the iconic design Triumph had established, the Triumph TR4 was a worthy new addition to the ever-growing car series.