Triumph TR6

Although sporting a similar bodyword to its predecessors’, the Triumph TR6 squared off take on the classic TR design gave a new, modern twist to the lineup. Over ninety thousand TR6s were produced between 1968 and 1976, over 90% of which were exported to the United States. The model became the best-selling one in the series at the time, only to be eventually surpassed by its successor. Still, the TR6 was an unqualified success.

The Triumph TR series was born out of the need to update their current roster with stylish, modern, and affordable sports cars, and while the first few models did so with distinctively fifties and sixties aesthetics, the TR6 was the bridge between these and the incoming seventies, hence its popularity during the first half of the decade. The model was a bold new step into the future of sports cars.

Out of the eight thousand units sold in its native country, less than five thousand survive in the United Kingdom. This means that more than half the cars intended for British consumers still grace the streets of the United Kingdom.

An elegant departure from its series’ decidedly vintage aesthetic, the Triumph TR6 was promptly rewarded with its unprecedented success with audiences.