Buick Riviera

Made from 1963-1999, the Buick Riviera is a true personal luxury car. Named to bring to mind the French Riviera, (in Latin, “Riviera” means actually means “coastline,”) there are eight separate generations of Buick Riviera. Indeed, first generation Riviera cars are prized collectibles. Their style is just as iconic now as it was then. This was one of America’s first genuine luxury cars. The first generation has a nailhead V8 engine and the body is a two-door hardtop.

The second generation has a body with greater width and length than the first generation. It also has a stronger engine than the previous generation as well as stronger disc brakes. In the third generation, the Riviera changed consideration. This model had the “boat-tail” styling, which you’d recognize immediately. The fourth generation doesn’t have the boat-tail, but does have “opera windows,” giving it a look that’s all its own.

The fifth generation of the Buick Riviera is a big smaller than the previous models, and is considered quite similar to the Buick LeSabre. The sixth generation was seen as a true return to form. When it was released, it was awarded Motor Trend’s “Car o the Year.” This sixth generation is often the one that people think of when they hear “Buick Riviera.” This contains the “Turbo T-type,” as well as the Riviera convertible that was the Indy 500 pace car in 1983. The next generation, the seventh one, had a distinctly improved fuel economy. The eighth and final generation of the Riviera looks far different than the previous models. No matter what kind of Buick Rivera you drive, each has a unique place in car history.