1963 Buick Riviera

Sell a Classic 1963 Buick Riviera
Body Style: 2 door Coupe
Sales  Numbers- 40,000
Engine- 401 V8 325 bhp or 425 V8 340bhp
Color Options: Includes Regal Black., Arctic White, Silver Cloud, Spruce Green
The Buick Riviera was GM’s answer to Ford’s wildly popular Thunderbird. Considered to be desirable and collectable, the 1963-1965 Rivieras were well received by the public and by industry colleagues alike. Two engine options were available for production year 1963-1965. Customers had the choice of the standard 401 nailhead or the bigger 425 Wildcat engine.
Standard equipment on the Riviera included bucket front seats, center arm-rest and console, power steering and brakes. The interior of the car could be customized and was available in leather, all vinyl or cloth and vinyl.

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