Classic Car Dealers in Los Angeles Love These Iconic Cars

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Classic cars me be a lot of maintenance, but you can not deny that they are tantalizing to look at. Everyone can relate to traffic being caused on the streets due to everyone slowing down to check out the coolest classic car strolling down the street. Classic Car Dealers in Los Angeles are the right group of people to talk about iconic cars with. Below is a few classic cars that will be sure to make their heads turn.

Aston Martin DB5

This luxury grand tourer was released in 1963 and it’s able to reach 145 mph and can hit 60 mph in approximately 7 seconds. The lustrous car may look familiar, probably because it was in a very popular James Bond movie. That’s right. The daring spy popularized this vehicle in the hit film “Goldfinger”. Aside from the film, the car become well known for its sleek design and speedy healthy horsepower.

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DeLorean DMC-12

The DeLorean is another famous movie car as it can be seen zooming through the strands of time by none other than Marty Mcfly in the Back to the Future series. The car itself is the only model made by it’s company and it manages to hold its own. Although, it is not known for its speed, the DeLorean is known for its sleek design and and gull-winged doors.

BMW 2002

The BMW was the first of its kind to attract international attention. The cars were released around 1966 and garnered attention because they were an affordable version of the then popular new class sedans. Both smaller and less expensive than new classic sedans, a new iconic car was born.


How can we not revert back to our famous movie cars. This mini was around long before Matt Damon’s The Bourne Identity hit the silver screen. This little red car garnered a lot attention for being as dainty as can be. It is known that the car was invented after the 1956 Suez crisis in order to ration gas. This iconic car is loved by all since it’s so cute, but don’t be deceived it has a motor that can roar.

Iconic Cars Everyone Loves

These are just a few of the many iconic cars that have become common knowledge in our society. Whether they became famous because of Hollywood blowing them up and driving them off cliffs or because of geopolitical war in the middle east, these cars are iconic. Classic Car Dealers like Sell a Classic Car would work very hard to get their hands on any of these vintage gems. For more information on how Sell a Classic Car can make sure your classic cars are handled well, please visit their website or call (310) 399-3990.