“Sell My Classic Car for Cash, Please”

sell my classic car for cash

That’s something people say to us quite a bit. We know that it isn’t easy to let go of your classic car. When you have a vehicle that’s a classic, it’s natural to think of it as a part of your history, or like a part of your family. However, over time, maybe you’d like to get the money you deserve for the car, or perhaps you’re looking for a fresh start. No matter why you’d like to sell your classic car, we can help. In this blog, we’ll go over a few reasons that people tell us to “sell my classic car for cash, please.”

When you “Sell my Classic Car for Cash” with Us

Here at “Sell a Classic Car,” that’s literally all we do: we sell classic cars to people who are interested in them. That means we have a unique, exclusive group of buyers that we market our cars towards. They’re highly motivated and discerning. They know what they’re looking for, and more importantly, they know that we can provide it. So, when you sell your classic car to us, we can make sure that it goes to the right people.

sell my classic car for cash

A Very Good Price

There are many places you could sell your classic car. You could try to sell it on the internet yourself; you can try to sell it to someone in your area, and the like. However, the odds of you getting a good price for it are essentially nil. We’ve talked to so many people who came to us after they were frustrated about the kinds of prices they were offered for their cars through other venues. Here at Sell a Classic Car, we can give you a solid price, the kind of price that you and your classic car deserve.

A Very Good Price in Cash

Even if you can find a good price for your classic car, it’s even more difficult to find someone who’s going to pay for the car in cash. Instead, you’ll probably get a check, or several checks, or some other, more drawn out arrangement. Even after you’ve done your vetting and your due diligence, when you market your own vehicle, you can never be 100% sure that the person buying your vehicle is going to be able to pay. However, when you come to Sell a Classic Car, we can give you cash for your vehicle. Instead of waiting on some check that may never come, you can have cash in your hand right now.


There’s a lot of busywork that goes into selling a classic car. Most folks selling their classic car don’t realize this. To make the process easier on you, we take care of all of the drudgery. All of the tedious paperwork, the negotiation, the delivery – we handle all of that for you. That way, you get to enjoy you cash that much quicker. For more info, call us at (310) 399-3990 or head to our site.