We Buy Any Car Classic, Restomod, You Name It

we buy any car classic

“Restomod.” The word comes from taking multiple words apart, and then putting them together to make something new that fits with the times. That’s actually what a restomod is as well. These vehicles take the best of new and old technology to make a car that looks great while also being able to stand the test of time. While they may look and even at times feel like classic cars, they’re actually something more unique (and stronger) than that. Here at Sell a Classic Car, we buy any car classic: vintage cars, restomods, youngtimers, you name it. 

we buy any car classic

Restomods Explained 

When’s the last time you really drove a genuinely classic car? That’s not asking “when’s the last time you saw a classic car,” like, when’s the last time you drooled over one in somebody’s garage or on a dais – that’s not what we mean. We’re asking: when’s the last time you drove one? It can be a bit of a bait and switch: you step into these vehicles, expecting this incredible experience, that would essentially transport you through time. What many of us find, however, when we’re in them, can be a bit of a primitive car experience. They don’t have the kind of power steering and brakes (as well as other accoutrements) that modern drivers expect. This, in large part, is where the restomod craze comes from. 

What You Get With Restomods

There’s really no set definition of “restomod.” Some just have some adjustments and new parts, whereas many others just share a body with the original vehicle. However, there are some things that many of them have in common. Plenty of them have new brakes, for example. While we may not have been able to improve on the look on several vintage cars from the past, we sure have improved on the brakes. This is the kind of thing that a layperson might not notice on the outside, but it does make for a much better ride. Improving these brakes can help in a variety of ways, as you might imagine. On top of that, many of them have improved the transmissions, too. Old transmissions, while revolutionary and ground-breaking at the time, really weren’t able to handle everything that the ones now can. You can get better fuel economy and really, just a better ride in general. 

We Buy Any Car Classic – New or Old 

Something doesn’t necessarily have to be “old” to be a classic, not at this point. At Sell a Classic Car, we’ve bought so many classic cars in all different kinds of conditions. However, there are some vehicles that, from the moment they’re completed, you can tell that they’re destined to be “classics.” That’s what we can offer you as well. If you’re interested in buying a classic car (of any vintage,) we can help. Additionally, you can also sell your classic car to us, too. For more information, you can send us a message through our site or call (310) 399-3990.