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buy my classic car

Your car may be modern. It is faster and more economical. However, classic cars are well-designed and they were not massively produced. Thus, you can be sure of their quality as well as their rarity. Here at Sell a Classic Car, we hear a lot of stories from classic car owners about how they admire their cars’ beautiful designs. When they hear that we sell classic cars, they would ask “can you buy my classic car?” 

“How much will you pay to buy my classic car?” – Our Answer 

buy my classic car

It is a common question from many classic car enthusiasts if they are planning to sell them to us. We’ve found that the best way to honor them for their effort to maintain their antique cars is to give them the price that their cars’ deserved. 

In that case, if you agree to our consignment program, you will get the right price for your vehicle. We can assure you that you will get your car’s worth, no less. 

It does not matter what kind of classic car you have. We will help find an authentic buyer who will take care of your car the way you did. 

There are many reasons people are still buying classic cars. One of the reasons, as mentioned earlier, is the beautiful design. Car designers in the past may not have had a lot of constraints when they designed a car. 

In many cases, the production of classic cars was manual and it was done by craftsmen using simple tools. So many created panels by eye and by hand. 

With such type of creation, the old cars withstood daily usage. Although some old cars were poorly designed, most classic cars were well-built. And that’s why they are still available today and you can still drive them on the road. 

Old, classic cars are the real deal. The appeal of the classics is surely one of the main reasons people are opting to drive a classic car. Classic cars are no longer being produced. They are in limited supply now. Thus, they hold an ever-increasing degree of exclusivity. 

Should you decide to sell your beloved old car, we can explain to you our consignment program. This program allows us to pay you for your vehicle’s real worth. What we do here is to build a partnership with sellers. That’s why we give them the real value of their car.

The next time you call us and ask “will you buy my classic car?” You know our answer is yes. Start selling your car today by giving us a call at (310) 399-3990.