Reputable Classic Car Dealer in California to Buy or Sell

classic car dealer in California

So, if you have a keen interest in classic cars, there is a good chance that you have one or more of these cars in your garage. And if you have, then that’s good. If you are planning to sell one of them, then you are in the right place. Our classic car dealer in California is one of the most popular shops that enthusiasts go to to purchase or sell their cars. 

Tips to Sell Through Our Classic Car Dealer in California

classic car dealer in California 

Most classic cars have a good price, especially if they are in tip-top shape. You can put a high price tag on your classic car if it has been well-maintained. To make your selling experience more lucrative, make sure to heed our tips. 


Before you put your classic car up for sale, ensure that you have it inspected by a reputable mechanic. At Sell A Classic Car, we ensure our buyers that the classic cars we sell here are in great condition. Thus, if you wish to promote yours through our service, your car will undergo a thorough inspection. We value both our buyers and sellers.

Minor repairs must be handled before selling it. We recommend this to ensure that the overall appeal of your car will increase. You must complete the repairs first so you can quote a higher price. 


We can help you put a price tag on your car. However, we recommend conducting your own research to know what other buyers are willing to pay for the type of car you possess. 

Keep in mind though that the resale value of a classic car is higher if the majority of the car’s original parts are intact. Thus, if you are collecting classic cars, make sure not to replace several parts of those cars to improve their selling prices when the time comes that want to sell them. 

Promote Cars Appropriately 

Our consignment program is a different approach to selling your cars. While it has similar benefits to many of the auction services, it doesn’t have any of the pitfalls. For example, our shop will not charge you any additional percentage of the selling fee. 

We will sell your car for way more than the price you are expecting. You do not have to travel to the shop to sell it. We will assume all liabilities for the sale. We also pay for the entire cost of picking up your car to be delivered to our location. 

If you are still not sure whether to sell your classic car to our classic car dealer in California, you may wish to know more about our unique consignment program. You will be surprised to know that our program will not cost you any additional charges, fees or liabilities. Give us a call today so we can explain it to you further: (310) 399-3990.