Sell My Classic Car: How to Get the Most of Your Joy

sell my classic car

“I want to sell my classic car. But how do I get the most of it?” That is one of the many questions of classic car owners who wish to sell their old cars to give way to a new car or simply to help them pay some debts. 

For most of us, we do not want to be away from our beloved classics. However, some financial cases would force us to do it. Classic cars are way more different than modern cars. They have more value because they withstood the test of time. Thus, parting with them can be painful. 

sell my classic car

Furthermore, selling your old car can be more demanding because a lot of people would haggle to lower your price. But, keep in mind that the older your car is, the better the price they must pay considering it is classic. 

Sell My Classic Car to Boost Price 

If you have a five-year-old car, a quick hose down may be enough to give it a great price tag. However, if your car is older than 30 years old, then you need to put more attention to it. 

Apart from the wash and wax method to prepare it for sale, you should also thoroughly clean the engine bay and undercarriage. But, never spray water onto its motor. Otherwise, when your buyer would test it, the car would not start. 

Before you start cleaning the engine, though, make sure to cover the battery, alternator, fuse box, and carburetor with plastic bags. For sensitive components, use a damp cloth only. If there are blemishes in your car, like evidence of rust, make sure to have them patched. 

Top Condition 

Before selling your classic car, you must ensure that it does not have a rusty exhaust. In other words, the car has to be in top mechanical condition. 

Otherwise, your buyer can ask for the lowest price you can get. Check the fluids of the car and make sure that they are fresh. Prevent corrosion by applying grease to the connectors. 

Where to Sell Your Classic Car 

The best place to promote and sell your car is through We can give your classic car the best exposure it can get. To boost the chances of getting a sale, though, make sure that you post good quality photos of your car. 

Take pictures on a sunny day. Be honest about any dings and dents on your car. Keep in mind that when the buyer sees those and you did not warn them beforehand, they would assume that you are hiding a lot of bad things about the car. 

Now that you are ready to “sell my classic car,” you must ensure that you have prepared its documents for a smooth transaction. To know more about selling classic cars, please contact us at (310) 399-3990.