How Does a Classic Car Consignment Work?

a classic car consignment

At Sell a Classic Car, we have a classic car consignment package that puts car owners first. Instead of having to go through the entire auction process and then only get a fraction of what you deserve, you can make far more money with Sell a Classic Car. On top of that, the process is far easier on you, the car owner as well. Below, we’ll cover how we handle consignment, and how we can help you to get as much money as possible for your vehicle.

Auctions: Not Always the Answer

Maybe you’re looking to sell your classic car, and you remember the auctions that you’ve seen on TV. They can be quite exciting, and you’ve seen car owners make lots of money at them. So, you decide to put your car in one of those auctions. First off, you have to recognize that this is a gamble. Your car could sell for far less than it is worth. You could end up with significantly less money than you deserve. Beyond that, you may also be charged an added ten percent on top of the price, no matter what it is. That tends to surprise most classic car owners, but really, it’s the beginning of the problems with car auctions.

a classic car consignment

Consignment Saves Time

Many of the classic and antique cars that car owners sell at auctions have original paint jobs, rearview mirrors and the like. To fetch as much money as possible at auction, these have to be in pristine condition. If you’re putting your car in auction, you’ve probably done everything you can to make sure that your car looks as great as possible. That’s where the concern comes in. See, when your car sits there all day during an auction, people could bump it. They could smudge the paint; they could dislodge the mirrors, the hood, the trunk and more. This isn’t something we’ve made up – this is a genuine concern that happens time and time again. You may not have all day to sit there and guard your car against people looking at it.

Classic Car Consignment with Sell a Classic Car

Instead, when you decide to sell your car with us, we can give you a fair net price for your car. We don’t charge you that ten percent asking fee or anything like that. Then, we do everything in our power to make sure that your car looks as great as possible before it’s sold. That means that we move it to our showroom, take great pictures of it and more. From there, we let our exclusive list of buyers know about it.

Motivated, Trusted Buyers

At Sell a Classic Car, we have buyers that are looking for fantastic vehicles like your own. We’ve spent years cultivating our list so that they’re the best of the best in terms of buying power. We can put your car in front of them and get you what you deserve. For more information, call (310) 399-3990.