Best Way to Sell an Antique Car

best way to sell an antique car

Finding the best way to sell an antique car can be tricky. Some options are going to be more successful than others. You could try to do everything yourself. You could try getting it into an auction. Or, you could sell it to us at Sell a Classic Car. The last is the best, most complete option. Instead of having to go through a bunch of trouble and work (while risking not so much in the way of payoff) you could get a fair price easily from us.

Selling Your Car on Your Own

If you decide to sell your own car, you have quite a bit of work ahead of you. You have to advertise it, you have to spruce it up, and you have to evaluate every offer. You could have several people make an effort to buy the car, but you may also have no takers whatsoever. Even if you do have several, there’s no guarantee that they’ll meet your price. On top of that, you can never be 100% sure that they’ll be able to pay. You may have to wait for the money if indeed you get it at all. Selling a car on your own is like getting a second, part-time job where you aren’t sure you’ll ever be paid for your time.

best way to sell an antique car

Selling through an Auction

Car auctions usually make for exciting television. However, selling your car through one isn’t necessarily easy. You run into the same problem of never being sure if someone will pay you what your car is worth. Even if you do sell your car, you will probably have to deal with paying ten to fifteen percent on top of that as a “seller’s fee.” Worse, cars at auctions get harmed, vandalized and otherwise degraded all the time. Usually, this isn’t through malice or anything remotely nefarious, but just regular people who want to get a better look at your classic car bumping the mirrors or something like that. So, to recap, you will have to babysit your car all day in hopes that perhaps, maybe, someone will pay what it’s worth. Then, you’ll have to fork over more money on top of that.

Best Way to Sell an Antique Car: Sell a Classic Car

When you sell your car to us, we can work out a fair price for your vehicle. After that, we put all our energy towards making sure that it looks great so that we can sell it and get you the money you deserve. See, at Sell a Classic Car, we have a roster of buyers that’s truly second to none. These aren’t names we picked out of a phone book or something; these are experienced, deep-pocketed buyers who trust us to bring them the absolute best in vehicles. That way, they get a great car and you get the money you deserve. Everyone wins! For more info: (310) 399-3990.