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how do i sell my classic car

After you have made the big decision to sell a classic car, then you may start to wonder about the different ways of making that sale. Rather than wandering around your house, muttering, “How do I sell my classic car?”, you should start doing some research today. The best way to sell an older car, with a long history, is online, using professional sales teams who can match up your beloved Jaguar to an enthusiast who will welcome it with open arms. Find out how you can best sell your classic car today with our handy hints.

Get your car valued

You might think that you know what price to expect for your Jag, but you should still take it to a professional seller, who will be able to give you a current valuation on your car. They are likely to be able to help you understand how your car compares to others of a similar vintage, and what you can expect to sell it for, as sometimes prices can be inflated beyond what buyers expect to pay. Even if you have seen a similar Jaguar, of the same year, on sale for a high price, that doesn’t mean that you will be able to get the same for your car  – after all, if you can see it for sale, it hasn’t been bought yet! A valuation will give you a sensible asking price that will be quickly snapped up by buyers.

how do i sell my classic car

Using a third-party

One of the best ways to get a good price for your car is to sell through online third parties, like Sell a Classic Car. You have to give us the details of your vehicle, and we will give you a quote that will provide you with a good sum. We want cars which are in a good state of restoration, and that are popular with buyers, such as Rolls Royce models or Jaguars. We tend to buy directly from owners, as they are the best documented, and we also try to avoid rust, so we expect the cars to be restored to a good standard. You will pay consignment fees, but we will do everything else required to make sure that your car goes to a good home, and you get the cash you need to make another classic car purchase.

Sell through us today

If you have been wondering “how do I sell my classic car without risks?” then you have come to the right place with us. We can help you to sell your vehicle easily, and without any of the risks associated with selling independently. We make the deal between seller and buyer, and because we are classic car enthusiasts ourselves, we are happy to take the time to work with cars to make sure they are great condition before they are sold. Talk to us today about selling your Jaguar by calling us now on (310) 399-3990 now.