Sell Your Classic Amphicar

Sell your Classic Amphicar – Top Dollar Deals!

The Amphicar, an amphibious automobile, designed by Hans Trippel. As a german auto designer, he was known for designing the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing’s door, Troll and the Amphicar. Trippel, being a bit of an enigma as an industrial designer, focused on the design and evolution of the Amphicar from 1961-1968. The Amphicar was originally launched in the 1961 New York Auto Show and was widely received as an exciting tier of the auto industry. It had never been done before, which helped to automatically popularize the vehicle. Names like Lyndon B. Johnson could be seen taking a ride in the Amphicar, practicing his practical jokes on unknowing victims. Although the car wasn’t considered a high performing “vehicle” or “vessel”, it was still considered a good time nonetheless. Pop culture experienced the vehicle as a character in many movies and as a “swim in” during events. Although it was considered an enjoyable car, practicality was minimal as a routine vehicle to use.