Diego Maradona’s 1980 450 SLC

                 Diego Maradona’s 450 SLC

Diego  Maradona’s 450 SLC is available for sale. This is a unique opportunity for someone who loves classic cars, memorabilia and football/soccer to own a piece of history. The 450 SLC while not as famous as the 450 SL is just as luxurious and even more powerful, especially at high speeds. This particular  1980 450 SLC model, held in a private collection in Maradona’s home country of Argentina, is now in the US and is available for sale. The car was gifted to Maradona and delivered to him brand new. Only 816 models were produced in 1980, making this car very rare.


We can be sure that not many of these cars survived till the present day. This means this example is particularly desirable on its own, even without celebrity ownership.  The signal red paint, coupled with the original black leather upholstery makes the car quite striking. The car has its original Mercedes ‘Bundt’ wheels and an electric sunroof. It also has auto transmission and power-assisted steering and brakes. Safety and sports cars don’t often mix but in this case, they do. The SLC is designed with crumple x zone technology. This makes this car one of the safest on the market in the event of a crash.1980 Mercedes 450 SLC

                  450SLC Specifications And Accessories

The 450 SLC is a homologation special built to compete in rally races worldwide.  The car developed alongside the more popular 450 SL. The  450 SL is a roadster meant for the road while the 450SLC is geared toward rally racing.  To endure the brutal conditions of this type of competition,  the 450 SLC needs to be more robust than the 450 SL. The car also needs to be lighter than a comparable ‘street car’ in order to manoeuvre easily.  To achieve this manoeuvrability, Mercedes builds the engine and body out of lightweight aluminium while adding space to accommodate four passengers.

The impressive result is an innovative sports car with a 4-seater design.  A car that is more powerful and faster than the 450 SL despite its heavier weight and longer length.


Other features of the car include the installation of front and rear spoilers to reduce wind resistance, a lighter engine,  greater fuel economy, high performance and great comfort.


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Maradona is one of the most celebrated and decorated football/soccer players of all time.  Two of his many accolades in the sporting arena include awards given by FIFA for having the  ‘Goal of The Century ‘ as well as the ‘Player of The Century’ award.

Mercedes Benz produces high-quality cars with cutting-edge technology.  Diego Maradona’s 1980 450 SLC  is no exception.  Bid on this car while you have a chance. As an additional benefit, you will also own copies of the original title and photos verifying Maradona’s ownership. Also included is a photo of both the legendary Diego and Mario Kempes! Good luck bidding, and I hope you can own this fantastic car.