1969 Ford Mach 1


Classic Car Spotlight – The 1969 Ford Mach 1


The 1969 Ford Mach 1 is a  glorious example of what a muscle car should be.  ‘Fast’, ‘streamlined’ and powerful’,  are all words used to describe this special car.   The Mach 1 comes of age in the late ’60s when Americans, tired of the ornate and cumbersome cars of the 50’s want something new. Consequently, to accommodate these changing tastes, automakers begin to manufacture faster cars with increasinlgy powerful engines. This period in classic car history, known as the muscle car era produces some of the most iconic cars. The 1969 Mach 1,  the ultimate street racer is one such iconic and desirable car.

1969 Ford Mach 1

1969 Mach 1  Engine Options

Like most  Mustangs, the Mach 1 is highly customizable with five engine options available. At its fastest, the Mach 1 comes equipped with a powerful and exhilarating 335 hp, 428  Cobra Jet 4 bbl V8 engine. If you have a need for speed, this is the car for you.   If you’re looking to play it safe, no need for despair as there is a Mach 1 for you too.  You can choose either the standard 250-hp 351  2 bbl V8 engine, the  290 hp-351 4 bbl V-8 or the 320 hp 390, 4bbl V-8. Additional options include the high performance  428 4V Cobra Jet Ram Air engine and the Super Cobra Jet.


The top of the line Cobra Jet( also known as the  CJ 428)and the  Super Cobra Jet Ram Air ( also known as the SCJ 428) are the two blockbuster engines for model year 1969. These specialized high-performance  Cobra Jet engines are available as a separate package on Mach 1  at an additional price. The Cobra Jet Ram Air comes equipped with a functional ‘shaker’ scoop while the  Super Cobra jet is the same engine but with an additional component. This additional component forces cool air into the engine to develop extra horsepower.


 Exterior Options and Transmission Options

The  1969  Mach 1  is the performance model in the Mustang lineup. It has the distinctive shape typical of all Mustangs but is wrapped up in a sports roof package.  Its unique competition suspension and exclusive interior identify it as the special Mustang that it is.  The car is available in a plethora of colors-Sage Bronze, Raven Black, Aztec Aqua and Lime Gold just to name a few. It makes quite a statement with its reflective side stripes, matte black hood and exposed pins.

The  Mach 1 is offered with two types of transmission, either three-speed or four-speed manual transmission with the four-speed only offered with the 390 or 428 engines.


Interior Options

The Mach 1 has the most luxurious interior of any mustang for 1969 and comes equipped with a package similar to the GT. The beautiful foam-padded high back bucket seats come complete with  “comfort weave’ knitted vinyl inserts that line the interior. A  3 spoke ‘Rim Blow’ steering wheel with racing mirrors and a center console are all part of the package. Additional options include the signature plush black carpet.1969 Ford Mach 1



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