Sell A Classic Car Mercedes Benz 250 S

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Sell a classic car Mercedes Benz 250 S. Launched at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show, the Mercedes Benz 250 SL was produced between 1966 and 1968.

The production only lasted a year or so it makes it a very rare car. The Mercedes – Benz 250 SL had a stiffer suspension and improved agility with a new engine and rear disc brakes.

It also had improved its fuel tank capacity from 65 L to 82 L and it had:

  • 4-speed automatic transmission
  • 4 speed or ZF 5 Speed Manual Transmissions

A Limited slip differential was also available.

More than a Third of the 5.196 Mercedes-Benz 250 SL’s produced were sold in America.

It also used:

  • 2,496 cc (2.5 L) M129.II engine with 6mm increased stroke 2mm increased valve ports
  • Not 4 but 7 main bearings.

The maximum power was 150 PS with torque improved from 145 lb-ft to 159  lb-ft.

They also provided a new cooling water tank, increased capacity from 10.8L to 12.9L and a standard oil-water heat exchanger.

The wider power band of the 250SL meant noticeably improved performance.

California Coupe

The Mercedes-Benz 250 SL California Coupe marks the introduction of 2 + 2 body style which had:

  • The removable hardtop
  • No soft top
  • Small fold-down rear bench seat

Sell a classic car Mercedes Benz 250 S

Additional Changes in 1967

There were a number of safety improvements made to the 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250 SL

They include:

  • Collapsible Steering Wheel
  • Padded Wheel Hub
  • Concave Control Knobs
  • Elastic Black Rubber Heater Levers
  • Softer, rounded dash top padding

There was also more modern:

  1. Door handles
  2. Locks
  3. & Window Cranks

The door pockets were now elastic, the rear-view mirror frame was now chrome and the side view mirrors were also more angular.

The American models also acquired:

  1. Side reflectors on the fenders
  2. Kangol 3 point seat belts
  3. Illuminated gearbox for the automatic models
  4. Emission control equipment

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