Sell A Classic Car Lincoln Continental 1961-67

Sell a classic car Lincoln Continental

Sell a classic car Lincoln Continental 1961-67. The Lincoln Continental is a series of luxury cars produced by Lincoln.

It was first introduced in 1939 as a coachbuilt convertible

In the Lincoln model line, the Continental has served various roles, ranging from the top-trim sedan to the base-trim sedan.

Through its production, the Lincoln Continental has been produced in several body styles.

They include:

  1. Two-door and four-door convertibles
  2. Two-door and four-door hardtops and sedans
  3. Two-door coupes.


In 1956, Ford created a successor to the first-generation Continental.

This was the Continental Mark II and the separate Continental Division was created to market and produce the car.

As the most expensive car ever produced by Ford at the time, the Mark II lasted only through 1957 and the Continental Division was integrated into Lincoln, with the Lincoln Continental Mark series as its top-trim model.

From 1961 to 1976, the Lincoln Continental was the sole model sold by the division.

For 1969, Ford revived the Continental Mark series; although marketed and sold through Lincoln-Mercury, the Mark series did not officially adopt the Lincoln nameplate until 1986.

1961 Lincoln Continental

In 1961 the Lincoln Division was extensively redesigned.

Following the $60 million in losses incurred to develop the 1958-1960 Lincolns and Continentals, the Lincoln Division product line (of the Capri, Premiere, and Continental Mark Series) was replaced by a single four-door Lincoln Continental.

Making its appearance for the first time since 1948, it was available as a sedan and convertible.

Originally slated to be a version of the 1961 Ford Thunderbird model line, the 1961 Continental was modified by Ford design vice president Elwood Engel.


The design was anchored in simplicity, with a complete absence of ornamentation.

It featured:

  1. Sightlines across the hood
  2. Rear deck and fenders all seemed to vanish

The most recognized feature of the design of the Continental was the return of rear-hinged doors, last seen in the 1951 Lincolns, to improve access to the rear seat.

A “Door Ajar” warning light on the dash was provided as a safety feature.

Sedans featured:

  1. A thin “B” pillar with both body styles utilizing hardtop-style doors sans integral window frames as well as curved side glass

Sedans were called a “pillared hardtop”.

The design would be added to a number of Ford Motor Company vehicles during the 1960s and 1970s.

The 1961 model was the first car manufactured in the United States to be sold with a 24,000 mi (39,000 km) or 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

It was also the first postwar four-door convertible from a major U.S. manufacturer.

It featured:

  • California Walnut veneer was on the doors and instrument panel.
  • Central locking system was vacuum operated.

The White House

For the Kennedy White House, the Secret Service purchased a convertible parade limousine custom built from a 1961 Lincoln 4-door convertible.

It was codenamed the SS-100-X

It was this car that Kennedy was riding in at the time he was assassinated in 1963.

It was a sales success, with 25,160 sold during its first year.

This so-called “slab-side” design ran from 1961 to 1969 with few changes from year to year.

1962 Lincoln Continental

In 1962 the re-design included:

  • A simpler front grille design with floating rectangles
  • A thin center bar

Sales climbed over 20% in 1962, to 31,061.

1963 Lincoln Continental

In 1963 Lincoln made several changes to the Continental.

They improved:

  1. The design of the front seat
  2. The design of the rear decklid was modified to increase luggage space
  3. The generator was replaced with an alternator

31,233 Continentals were sold

1964 Lincoln Continental

For 1964, Lincoln gave the Continental a minor redesign

It featured:

  1. Several updates to further improve interior room
  2. The wheelbase was extended three inches,
  3. The roofline became squared off with the formerly curved side glass now being flat
  4. The rear-mounted gas tank filler door was moved to the driver’s side of the car
  5. The front grille was modified slightly
  6. It now featured a series of five vertical chrome accents distributed evenly between the dual headlights.
  7. The exterior “Continental” script was changed the rear grille being replaced by a simple horizontally elongated Continental star on the rear deck lid

36,297 were sold that year.

Continental Town Brougham

A concept show car was built, called the Continental Town Brougham.

  • It had a 131 in. wheelbase
  • A retractable glass partition between the front and rear compartments
  • An exposed area over the front compartment

1965 Lincoln Continental

For 1965, the Continental was given several more updates included:

  1. The pointed, convex grilles were replaced by a flat, blunt grille.
  2. To match the brake lights/turn signals, the front parking lamps/turn signals were moved out of the front bumper, wrapping into the fender
  3. Both lenses had ribbed chrome trim
  4. Front Kelsey-Hayes disc brakes became standard
  5. Front seat belts with retractors became standard.
  6. An oil pressure gauge.

With the facelift, sales improved about 10%, to 40,180 units.

Sell a classic car Lincoln Continental

1966 Lincoln Continental

For 1966, a number of changes came to the Continental model line.

As Lincoln had left the 2-door luxury sedan segment to Cadillac and Imperial in 1961 by making the Continental exclusively a 4-door, Lincoln chose to develop its answer to the Cadillac Coupe de Ville and the Imperial Crown Coupe by introducing a 2-door version of the Continental, the first since 1960.

Without any rear doors, the coupe was designed as a pillarless hardtop, although no convertible version was introduced.

The 1966 Continental

The 1966 Continental was given exterior sheet metal and the interior was again redesigned.

It featured:

  1. The new options of a tape player and a tilt steering wheel
  2. The Continental became 5 inches longer
  3. Curved side glass replaced flat glass
  4. The V8 engine was expanded to 430

Lincoln added:

  • A glass rear window to the convertible top
  • Improved the hydraulic system for opening the top and trunk lid by adding a second pump, separating the two systems
  • The hydraulic solenoids were removed

1966 Continental prices were reduced almost $600 without reducing equipment levels.

Sales were boosted to 54,755 that year an increase of 36%,

All of it due to the new two-door

Product breakdown for the year consisted of:

  1. 65% sedans
  2. 29% coupes,
  3. Under 6% for the four-door convertible.

1967 Lincoln Continental

In 1967 there were a few changes made to the Continental they included:

  • The Lincoln emblem on the front fender was deleted
  • The dashboard gained several indicator lights
  • Lights for Cruise control on, trunk open, and an oil pressure
  • Lap safety belts became standard
  • An energy-absorbing steering column.

After only 2,276 were sold, 1967 was the final year for the convertible.

It was the heaviest Lincoln ever at 5,712 lbs

Total Sales

  1. 1961 25,160
  2. 1962 31,061
  3. 1963 31,233
  4. 1964 36,297
  5. 1965 40,180
  6. 1966 54,755
  7. 1967 45,667


  1. Presidential Black
  2. Green Velvet Metallic
  3. T – Honey Beige
  4. Royal Red Metallic
  5. Crystal Green Metallic
  6. Rose Glow Metallic
  7. Turquoise Mist
  8. Sultana White
  9. Summer Rose


  1. Blue Haze
  2. Platinum
  3. Regency Turquoise Metallic
  4. Saxon Green Metallic
  5. Executive Gray
  6. Black Cherry Metallic
  7. Sunburst Yellow
  8. Sheffield Gray Metallic
  9. Briar Brown Metallic
  10. Empress Blue Metallic
  11. Columbia Blue Metallic
  12. Desert Frost Metallic
  13. Presidential Black
  14. Royal Red Metallic
  15. Oxford Gray Metallic*
  16. Riviera Turquoise Metallic*
  17. Bermuda Blue Metallic*
  18. Powder Blue*
  19. Silver Mink Metallic*
  20. Nocturne Blue Metallic*
  21. Castilian Green Metallic*
  22. Teaberry*
  23. Sultana White
  24. Platinum
  25. Scotch Green Metallic*
  26. Jamaica Yellow*
  27. Highlander Green Metallic*
  28. Champagne*
  29. Velvet Turquoise Metallic*
  30. Chestnut Metallic*
  31. Black Cherry Metallic
  32. Desert Frost Metallic
  33. Black Satin+
  34. Oxford Gray Metallic++
  35. Riviera Turquoise Metallic++
  36. Bermuda Blue Metallic++
  37. Silver Mink Metallic++
  38. Nocturne Blue Metallic++
  39. Polynesian Gold Metallic*
  40. Teaberry
  41. Sultana White
  42. Platinum
  43. Inverness Green Metallic*
  44. Spanish Red Metallic*
  45. Premiere Yellow+
  46. Highlander Green Metallic++
  47. Nassau Beige+ (
  48. Rose Metallic*
  49. Burgundy Frost Metallic*
  50. Autumn Frost Metallic*
  51. Black Satin
  52. Princeton Gray Metallic C – Princeton Gray Metallic*
  53. Silver Blue Metallic E – Silver Blue Metallic*
  54. Powder Blue F – Powder Blue^
  55. Buckskin Metallic G – Buckskin Metallic
  56. Nocturne Blue Metallic H – Nocturn Blue Metallic
  57. Florentine Green Metallic I – Florentine Green Metallic*
  58. Fiesta Red J – Fiesta Red*
  59. Arctic White M – Arctic White*
  60. Diamond Blue N – Diamond Blue (Light Blue)
  61. Silver Green Metallic O – Silver Green Metallic*
  62. Burnished Bronze Metallic P – Burnished Bronze Metallic*
  63. Huron Blue Metallic Q – Huron Blue Metallic*
  64. Encino Yellow R – Encino Yellow*
  65. Highlander Green Metallic S – Highlander Green Metallic
  66. Navaho Beige T – Navajo Beige*
  67. Regal Turquoise Metallic U – Regal Turquoise Metallic*
  68. Rose Beige W – Rose Metallic
  69. Royal Maroon Metallic X – Royal Maroon*
  70. Silver Sand Metallic Z – Silver Sand Metallic*
  71. Black Satin
  72. Turino Turquoise Metallic B – Turino Turquoise Metallic*
  73. Persian Gold Metallic C – Persian Gold Metallic*
  74. Madison Gray Metallic E – Madison Gray Metallic
  75. Powder Blue F – Powder Blue
  76. Willow Gold G – Willow Gold*
  77. Nocturne Blue Metallic H – Nocturne Blue Metallic
  78. Fiesta Red J – Fiesta Red
  79. Heather Metallic L – Heather Metallic*  
  80. Arctic White M – Arctic White
  81. Diamond Blue N – Platinum (Light Blue)
  82. Burnished Bronze Metallic P – Burnished Bronze Metallic
  83. Huron Blue Metallic Q – Huron Blue Metallic
  84. Spanish Moss Metallic R – Spanish Moss* Metallic
  85. Charcoal Frost Metallic S – Charcoal Frost Metallic*
  86. Desert Sand T – Desert Sand
  87. Teal Metallic U – Teal Metallic
  88. Rose Beige W – Rose Beige Metallic
  89. Royal Maroon Metallic X – Royal Maroon
  90. Silver Sand Metallic Z – Silver Sand Metallic
  91. Neptune Turquoise 4 – Neptune Turquoise*
  92. Satin Black
  93. Chesterfield Beige Metallic
  94. Madison Gray Metallic
  95. Powder Blue
  96. Teakwood Beige
  97. Pitcairn Blue Metallic
  98. Venetian Yellow
  99. Actic White
  100. N – Platinum
  101. Rose Mist Metallic
  102. Sandalwood Metallic
  103. Huron Blue Metallic
  104. Spanish Moss Metallic
  105. Charcoal Frost Metallic
  106. Cranberry
  107. Teal Metallic
  108. Russet Metallic
  109. Royal Maroon
  110. Florentine Gold Metallic
  111. Empress Turquoise Metallic
  112. Satin Black
  113. Palomar Blue
  114. Huntington Gray Metallic
  115. Antique Beige Metallic
  116. Powder Blue
  117. Cameo Green
  118. Pitcairn Blue Metallic
  119. Arctic White
  120. Platinum
  121. Champagne Metallic
  122. Huron Blue Metallic
  123. Spanish Moss Metallic
  124. Cranberry
  125. Teal Metallic
  126. Aegean Bronze Metallic
  127. Royal Maroon
  128. Florentine Gold Metallic
  129. Granada Yellow
  130. Silver Mist Metallic
  131. Desert Sand

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