Sell my Jaguar XJS?

jaguar xjs

Selling your Jaguar XJS?

The incredible Jaguar XJS created by that most notable of UK manufacturer’s, arguably second only to the mighty Rolls Royce and Bentley, Jaguar lived from 1976 until in 1996. It’s what was known as luxury grand tourer and superseded the legendary Jaguar E Type, one of the most renowned and loved cars ever produced.
Known for being more aerodynamic than the E Type the Jaguar XJS was a notable and worthy successor. The final car was released in April 1996 and it had survived for more than 20 years, 21 to be precise. The original 1975 model came with a Jaguar V12 Engine and a choice of manual or automatic transmission. It could do 0 to 60mph in 7.6 seconds with a top speed of 143 mph and had a Borg-Warner Model 12 transmission with a cast-iron case and a bolt-on bell-housing.

The Jaguar XJS promotional campaign was heavily tied into television especially in the UK, it’s place of birth where series such as The New Avengers (Google it) and The Return Of The Saint (don’t bother) featured the vehicle heavily as the stars of the show zoomed around in them and in fact Corgi Toys produced a range of Jaguar XJS’s which became extremely popular at that time which also raised the car’s profile.

In 1981 the new High Efficiency engine was added and changes to the exterior and interior were made (including new starfish alloy wheels and buried elm inserts on the dashboard and door caps).

In 1982 the new Jaguar XJ-S V12 was exalted for coming first and second at the RAC Trophy race at Silverstone in the UK, and the following year, 1983, the 3.6 litre Jaguar AJ6 was released. Then came the new cabriolet, the Jaguar XJSC 2 seater and by 1985 the car was In the USA with the Jaguar V12 XJ-SC. Life was good and got better as in 1988 the SC was replaced by a 2 seat convertible! There was also a Coach Builders limited converted version from the coupe by Hess & Eisenhardt, but it is not known how many were produced.

By 1986 the Germans had taken Jaguar XJS’s top off creating a full convertible version and by 1988 a special XJR-S version of the V12 5.3-litre car was produced by JaguarSport with a 6.0L engine. It was known as “Celebration Le Mans” following on from Jaguar’s win that year at the event.
For the exotic and fabulously expensive Jaguar XJ220 launch, a limited number of 100 XJR-S coupes and convertibles were produced just for the Americans… 22 Signal Red coupes, 22 Signal Red convertibles, 22 Jet Black coupes, 27 Jet Black convertibles, 2 Flamenco Red coupes, a Silver Frost ‘Press Cars’ of 4 coupes and 1 convertible were all created to rocket Jaguar back to the top.

In 1991 a re-engineered Jaguar XJS received a new 4.0 litre version and the V12’s capacity was enlarged to 6.0 litres. In the V12 the transmission was also updated to a GM 4L80E with a fourth gear overdrive.

By 1994 the 4.0 litre AJ6 engine was updated to become the 4.0 litre AJ16 with coil on plug ignition. By 1995 the Jaguar XJS Celebration model was released to celebrate Jaguar’s 60th year and what a way to celebrate! But nothing good can last forever and unfortunately in 1996 the Jaguar XJS was finally discontinued.
According to the Jaguar factory production figures:

For the year 1994 – here are the numbers produced (total worldwide) produced numbers are in brackets

XJS 4.0 fhc XJ88 7X ( 985)
XJS 4.0 two-plus-two 7K (4633)
XJS 6.0 fhc XJ/27/87 9W (242)
XJS 6.0 Convertible XJ97 9J ( 28)
XJS 6.0 two-plus-two 9L ( 1030)
total number of 4.0L XJS cars produced in 1994 = 5618
total number of 6.0L XJS cars produced in 1994 = 1300
total XJS produced in 1994 = 6918

For the year 1995 – here are the numbers produced (total worldwide) produced numbers are in brackets.

XJS 4.0 fhc XJ88 7X ( 793)
XJS 4.0 two-plus-two 7K (3943)
XJS 6.0 fhc XJ/27/87 9W ( 59)
XJS 6.0 Convertible XJ97 9J ( 11)
XJS 6.0 two-plus-two 9L ( 78)
total number of 4.0L XJS cars produced in 1995 = 4736
total number of 6.0L XJS cars produced in 1995 = 148
total XJS produced in 1995 = 4884

For the year 1996 (last year of production) – here are the numbers produced (total worldwide) produced numbers are in brackets.

XJS 4.0 fhc XJ88 7X ( 120)
XJS 4.0 two-plus-two 7K (1485)
XJS 6.0 fhc XJ/27/87 9W ( 1)
XJS 6.0 Convertible XJ97 9J ( 0)
XJS 6.0 two-plus-two 9L ( 2)

total number of 4.0L XJS cars produced in 1996 = 1605
total number of 6.0L XJS cars produced in 1996 = 3
total XJS produced in 1996 = 1608

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We ill buy any or all of the following models:

1988 Jaguar XJS V12
1989 Jaguar XJS V12
1990 Jaguar XJS V12
1991 Jaguar XJS V12
1992 Jaguar XJS V12
1993 Jaguar XJS 6 cyl
1993 Jaguar XJS V12 6.0L
1993 Jaguar XJR-S
1994 Jaguar XJS 6 cyl
1994 Jaguar XJS V12
1995 Jaguar XJS 6 cyl
1995 Jaguar XJS V12
1996 Jaguar XJS 6 cyl