Classic Car Dealers in Southern California for the Rest of the Country

classic car dealer in southern california

Sell a Classic Car is located right here in sunny southern California. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re just classic car dealers in southern California. Our reach goes everywhere. You may not be in southern California, but we can still get a deal together. Don’t feel that just because you’re far from SoCal, we’re incapable of buying your classic car. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sell a Classic Car will buy a classic car from practically anywhere.

classic car dealer in southern california

Anywhere in the US

You know how you’ll read about a deal for something in the United States, and there will be an asterisk near it? Typically, the asterisk means something like “offer not valid in Hawaii or Alaska.” That’s not how we work at Sell a Classic Car. We will buy your car from Hawaii or Alaska. If you have a car that we want, you don’t have to worry about being even an ocean over from southern California. When we want a car, we want a car, and we’ll move heaven and Earth to make that happen.

Some International Purchases Too

Maybe you’re reading this in Canada, or somewhere far outside the United States of America. If we want your car, we’ll still buy your car. However, for us to buy it if it’s out of the country, it has to be some kind of special car for us to do so. If you’ve got an incredible classic car and you’re outside of the US, and you’ve been having an incredibly difficult time getting together a sale for it, we can help you. We’ll always offer you a great deal.

Classic Car Dealers in Southern California that Pay

When we say “we’ll always offer you a great deal,” that isn’t limited to what we pay for the car itself. Sure, we’ll offer you a great deal on your car. When you sell to our classic car dealer in Southern California,  we make sure that you get everything you deserve for the car. However, we also make sure that you don’t have to pay for the transportation of the vehicle. If you’re not near southern California, we’ll put everything together for you. Once everything’s together, we’ll pay and arrange for the transportation of your car. It’s one more way that we can help our sellers, one more way that we can make things easier on them.

Easiest Way to Sell

The transportation isn’t the only part of the process that we take over for you. On top of that, we make it so that you don’t have to go about selling the car yourself. Instead of going through having to advertise the car, find buyers, and then hope that you’re going to get as much money as you deserve, you can just bypass all of that. In the span of just a few phone calls, we can give you the money you deserve. To start the process, call us at (310) 399-3990.