All Kinds of Classic Cars Wanted for Cash

classic cars wanted for cash

Of all the questions we get a Sell a Classic Car, one of the most common might be: “will you take my car?” The truth is: probably. There are circumstances where we won’t sell someone’s car, but more likely than not, we’ll take your car off of your hands. This doesn’t mean that you can just send us junk, but it does speak to how open and ready we are for many different kinds of cars. Classic cars wanted for cash: if we hadn’t already called ourselves “Sell a Classic Car” we might’ve called ourselves that.


classic cars wanted for cash

Classic Cars Wanted for Cash

If you go to our site, you’ll see that there are actually multiple places where we mention what kinds of cars that we’re interested in. We have them listed at our FAQ, as well as the section that says “Wanted Cars.” If you go there, you’ll see plenty of cars that you’ve heard of as well as several that you might not have. The truth is that classic cars are wanted for cash, and if you’re thinking of selling, we have probably taken something like it in the past and may be interested in yours.

Always Buying Cars

At Sell a Classic Car, there’s never an “offseason.” Sure, there are times we’re more active than others, but we’re always interested in cars. We’re always researching classic cars, investigating classic cars and then buying classic cars. From there, we’re always selling them to our unique list of buyers, too. They trust that we’ll bring them the best in classic cars and we aim to keep them with a steady pipeline of classic cars all year long.

Always Good Prices

We know that there are plenty of places online that will take a classic car off of your hands, but they probably won’t do so for much money. They might hide behind a phrase like “we pay well” and then when it comes time to actually talk about money; you find out that their definition of the word “well” is so inclusive it actually includes “not very well at all.” We pay top dollar for cars.

Beyond Just “Classic” Cars

We also buy products like “restomods” and “youngtimers” as well. These may not be “classic cars” as they’re traditionally understood, but they’re the kinds of vehicles that our buyers are interested in. By keeping the pipeline going, we offer our buyers the best in classic cars. When you go to sell your classic car, it shouldn’t be a difficult process. You don’t want to have to go through all of the trouble of selling it online just to get less money than you deserve. When you go through Sell a Classic Car, you’re giving yourself the best chance to get what you deserve. Your classic car isn’t making you any money sitting in a garage, or out in your yard. Contact us today at (424) 383-8333 and we’ll see if we can help you out.