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Cadillac and Ford are two very well-known American automakers. However, the two are also longtime rivals. After a dispute between Henry Ford and his investors, Henry M. Leland convinced the investors to take what was left of the Henry Ford Company and form Cadillac. In 1902, Cadillac broke into the car scene, bringing with it new technology that was all the rage. The first automobiles produced were two-seat horseless carriages powered by a single-cylinder engine. Through the years, the models evolved into extremely sophisticated vehicles, both inside and out. Each decade marks grand differences and improvements in the cars and brand. With new and improved models every couple of years, Cadillac is definitely known to be an industry leader in innovation. A luxury vehicle at its finest, both the build of the car and the company are spectacular.

People gravitate to the clean, sophisticated appearance of the exterior as well as the interior of a Cadillac. In addition to luxury and other advances like a variety of first-of-its-kind technologies, Cadillac was also a leader of vehicle precision tuning. It’s safe to say that Cadillac has been—and always will be—considered an “industry leader” in many variations of the phrase.

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