Cadillac Seville


The Cadillac Seville made its first appearance as a limited edition series in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The Seville model re-appeared in May of 1975, as a 1976 model. The car was a trendsetter.  American’s  no longer wanted big, gas guzzling cars and had increasingly turned to purchasing foreign cars  like Merccedes, BMW and Jaguar. Cadillac was the first American car maker to notice the trend towards  midsized, luxurious and relatively fast cars. Its answer, the Cadillac Seville.cadillac seville

   As the first car of its kind, The Seville garnered great interest with the America public. Cadillac billed it as the ‘most fully equipped’ car in the world and also made  a point of letting everyone know that it was the most expensive sedan  built in 1976 to develop its cache.

      The customer had the choice of 25 different options resulting in a car that was truly customizable. Standard equipment included automatic climate control,am/fm  radio, cruise control and power front seats. The interior options were varied with the most expensive option being full leather.

The Seville went on to become a huge seller for Cadilac with over 200,00 units being sold over its five year lifespan.



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