Cadillac Fleetwood




There’s no better example of GM’s styling and engineering prowess than the 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special – its hard to believe that this car was built over 63 years ago! The 1958 model year brought a heavier and bulkier design from the previous years model and was not greatly changed engineering wise but was vastly updated outside.

In typical fifties fashion the Cadillac’s were given an annual facelift. All new quad headlamps and more chrome, including large chrome bumpers with the grille now outstretched to nearly full car length!

A unique and classic design that has stood the test of time!

The top-of-the-line Eldorado’s and Series 60 Special Fleetwood models added lower rear quarter panel stainless trim and another strip of stainless running from the headlamps back to the midpoint of the car. The rear wheel opening fender skirts were another Series 60 Special Fleetwood exclusive. Also exclusive to this model were lower rear quarter panels covered in stainless steel, horizontally ribbed on the 60 Special. Interiors were more lavish than ever with thickly padded seats & side panels and the instrument panel continued in it’s chrome laden horizontal theme.

The frame was stiffer which allowed Cadillac to lower the car by 3 inches, with the 365 V8  redesigned cylinder heads with higher compression and the Sixty Special again was sized between the Series 62 and the Series 75 limos. The Sixty Special cost upwards of $6K and was one of the highest priced cars of its day with  fifties excess virtually reaching its peak with Cadillac boasting bigger cars with more chrome and larger fins than ever before!

These cars bristled with the latest in modern appointments and had few rivals in the luxury market with a recession making owning one only for the very privileged elite. These cars could be ordered with the new industry experimentation of air suspension which this car was not, many ordered were actually later changed back to the standard coil springs. Coil springs were standard in the rear as well.