Where Can I Sell a Classic Car Easily, Simply, and Actually Get Paid?

where can i sell a classic car

As great a classic car can be, at some point, you’re liable to ask yourself: where can I sell a classic car?” There are millions of places of online, but it’s hard to tell who’s reputable and who is looking to rip you off as much as possible. You can advertise your car online and do take offers from buyers, but you have to be able to vet and trust these buyers. Selling a classic car doesn’t have to be a part-time (or more) job. At Sell a Classic Car, we’ve made the entire car selling process fast and simple, so that you can sell your classic car and get on with your life.

where can i sell a classic car

Paperwork: Handled

Most people are shocked by the sheer amount of paperwork that’s involved with selling a classic car. Really. With the number of forms you have to fill out, it can feel like you’re writing a book. We make sure to take care of this paperwork for you. Our professionals can fill it out so that you never have to worry about it. We see it as one more way that we can make our business more responsive to our customers.

Transportation: Handled

We’re classic car dealers in southern California. However, many of the people we buy classic cars from aren’t in SoCal. That means that somehow, your car has to get to us. We know how cost-prohibitive transporting a car clear across the country (or further) can be.  That’s why we pay for all of the transportation, too. You sold a classic car to us, so you shouldn’t have to worry about paying all kinds of outrageous fees. This is another burden that we can lift from your shoulders so that you get all of the profit that you should from your classic car.

Classic Cars like Yours

You may not think that you can get much for your classic car. We always recommend if you have any question about your classic car, calling us up for a conversation. You may find that we’re actually looking for a classic car just like yours. So many of our customers have a classic car that’s just taking up space on their property, never running or moving. Instead, you can turn that car into cash. When you contact us, we’ll do some of our own research and let you know.

Trade and More

We don’t always take classic cars that don’t run or have other problems, but we might. We even let you trade your classic cars for one of our cars, too. Maybe instead of looking for a payday, you’re looking to trade up. We can help you with that as well. So, if you’ve got a classic car, and you’re looking to sell, or you’re’ just looking to see what the market is, we’re here for you. When you’re ready to get the money you deserve for your classic car, call (310) 399-3990.