The Time is Right to Sell your Classic Car

sell your classic car

There has been a lot of muttering in the classic car world about the current market, including the growing popularity of pre-WWII cars. As late as 2008, people were mainly collecting cars as a hobby, and it was only after that period of financial crashes and global financial problems that people started to buy a classic car as an investment. Since 2014, there have been stories all over the papers about the mounting demand for classic cars, and while things have started to cool down in some areas (leading to panics about ‘meltdowns’, the truth is that this so-called decline is simply things returning to normal. Sell a Classic Car is here to explain why there has never been a better time to sell your classic car.

A reduction in the inexperienced

Part of the reason for the ‘bubble’ in classic car sales was the sudden interest from the inexperienced, and those without knowledge of the classic car world. They were buying up cars which had seen better days, often for absurd prices, while high-quality cars were simply being traded among dealers, the same as always. The current adjustment in prices means that we are getting back to a solid footing, and investors are leaving us alone again. What this means for sellers is that you will be again trading with people that you can trust, so once your car is sold, the buyer will follow through, rather than flaking at the last minute. Buyers who had been driven out of the market by competitive buying are also returning, allowing you to sell to genuine classic car enthusiasts again.

Selling a Jaguar

One of the cases that highlights the current state of the market is that of the Jaguar E-type. These were being snatched off the shelves at the beginning of 2008, but are now taking private sellers that much longer to trade. However, some of their older cousins, such as the Jaguar XJ6 can still make around $10,000, and is being eagerly traded by those who are returning to the market. This makes the affordable end of the selling market that much more desirable. If you are keen to sell a jaguar today, then you need to be able to find a hole in the market where demand is strong.

Sell your classic car with us

If you have been considering parting with your current classic car, and want to buy a new one, then the market is just about right. There are still plenty of people keen to snap up high-quality vehicles, and at Sell a Classic Car we can help you with the issues surrounding finding that market. We reach out to buyers across the globe to help you find a buyer that is interested in your vehicle, and help you get the sale you want. To find out more, simply contact our team today, leaving your contact details on our form, or call us on (310) 399-3990 now.