Primer on Where to Sell Vintage Cars

where to sell vintage cars

Motivated to sell your vintage car? Over the years, we’ve helped several people to sell their vintage to us. With us, the key is to make sure that our sellers get the most for their vehicles. That’s why we always give our sellers the best prices for their vehicles. You can sell your vehicle with us much faster than you would if you tried to do it on your own. In this blog, we’ll go over where to sell vintage cars to us and some of the vintage cars we’re looking for as of this writing.

Where to Sell Vintage Cars to us? Anywhere!

Many of the vintage car sellers that we deal with are located near us in southern California. However, that’s certainly not the only area we purchase vintage cars from. If you aren’t in southern California but are in the United States and would like to sell your classic car to us, we encourage you to give us a call. We’ll sit down with you and figure out a way that you can get your car to us, so that we can get you the money you deserve for your car.

Vintage Cars We’re Interested In

We’re always looking for many different kinds of classic cars. For example, as of the time of this writing, we’re interested in the Mercedes Pullman as well as the Oldsmobile Starfire, Packard Caribbean, Shelby Mustang, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Porsche, Ferrari 308 – 328, Jaguar E – Type, Cadillac Eldorado and more. The range of buyers who trust us is vast, so we make sure that the catalog of vehicles we have to offer them is varied, too. Should you have any of those vehicles and are in the market to sell them, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Always Interested in Vintage Cars, Period

Even if you don’t have one of the above vehicles, you can still contact us about selling your vintage vehicle. We’re always on the lookout for great vehicles and great deals. We’ve talked to so many people over the years who told us some version of: “I have a great classic car I’m looking to sell, but I went to your site and you didn’t say anything about wanting that vehicle.” We’ve bought plenty of those exact cars. Should you be in the mood to sell, you can always reach out to us.

Cash and Convenience

We don’t just buy great classic cars at great prices; we do so in cash, too. We’ve found this is the best, most convenient method for our sellers. On top of that, we take care of the delivery and all of the paperwork, too. You have a fantastic classic car that you want to sell – you shouldn’t have to do any work beyond that. By that same token, we’ll take care of all of the promotion for your classic car, too. To start the process or just to reach out, give us a call at (310) 399-3990 or head to our site.