How to Sell Classic Car

sell classic cars

Owning a classic car is admittedly very cool. You get to drive around in a rather unique vehicle that will undoubtedly catch people’s attention. Vintage cars are, simply put, nice to look at, fun to drive around, and attractive to friends and passerbys. They are an immediate cultural signifier of style and taste that are also practical and useful, as well as easy to boast about in your daily life. But regardless of how awesome these are, you might find yourself in the position of needing to maybe sell classic car you own.

After all, as wonderful as it may be, owning a classic car can be quite a hassle. It takes more money to maintain a vintage car than a vehicle from today. Not to mention that these can often pose a safety concern when driving them around in the modern city. Classic cars often don’t have features such as crumple zones, seat belts, or rollover protection. Basically, you have to be careful when owning a classic car. It’s not for everyone. So, if you are looking to do so yourself, here’s what you should know to sell classic cars.

What is a Classic Car?

First thing you need to establish is whether or not your car is actually considered a classic. You might be surprised to learn that the legal definition of a classic car can actually vary from state to state. Some states establish a twenty year period since the vehicle’s manufacturing, while others have twenty-five. These definitions will be relevant when it comes to registration and licenses, but aren’t necessarily relevant in the classic car market.

When it comes to classic car shows or collecting, the tacit time period for classic vehicles ranges from the twenties to the seventies, with older cars considered antique cars, and those after (save for some eighties and nineties models) thought of as contemporary. It is a tricky thing to determine, but there is a wide array of online resources that can help you find your car’s place in the classic car market.

sell classic cars

Sell Classic Car

One you have determined where your car falls on the classic car landscape, you need to find a channel through which to sell it. There are plenty of different ways to do so, such as the aforementioned car shows. These are excellent ways to showcase your vehicle, for they involve a community of passionate classic enthusiasts. This way you get to exhibit your classic car in front of those who are interested in taking a look and, perhaps, buying it. This is the route most people take when selling classic cars.

There are, of course, other alternatives. In fact, some are actually way more convenient than finding a car show and taking your vehicle all the way over there. These are, yes, online channels. Websites such as Sell a Classic Car allow you to sell your assets from the comfort of your own home with all the advice and help you might need. So if you are looking to sell classic cars, be sure you check our website out and get started.