Ferrari 328

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Produced between 1985 and 1989, the Ferrari 328 is a two seat, rear mid-engine model available in a Berlinetta style (Ferrari 328 GTB) and a Targa top Spider style (Ferrari 382 GTS).  To this day, it is still thought of as one of the most functional and reliable Ferrari models due to its convenient engine and efficient performance.

Mechanically and aesthetically it was still fairly derivative of its predecessor, the Ferrari 308, but certain modifications set the new model apart from it. The engine was displaced for more torque output and power, which has cemented the Ferrari 328’s place as a fan favorite amidst the marque’s lineup. The Ferrari 328 was considered an improvement upon the previous model, which resulted in a remarkable road record, appreciating value, and what today is considered a classical aesthetic approach for the brand.

The Ferrari 328 was one of the most commercially successful models, along with its predecessor, for Ferrari at the time. Together, almost 20,000 units were produced for the two lines, until production stopped in 1989. That year, over 1338 units were manufactured, contemporary to founder Enzo Ferrari’s death. This led to several of the year’s vehicles to be bought as a tribute to him (or for the possibility of speculation).